Mission & Vision

From the Artistic Director:

For more than 40,000 years, the human voice has been the medium for expressing every aspect of life experience. Singers Companye is dedicated to celebrating that tradition by enriching the greater community through a pervasive culture of singing. My artistic leadership is based on my deep belief that transforming human feelings into artistic expression, by providing a musical means for that expression, singing can help us transform our life experiences in very positive ways.

While it is impossible to express how choral music touches people, I know that it does. Choral singers give expression to the ineffable, taking up both the joyous and troubling songs of our diverse cultures.

I want to transport singers and listeners beyond their ordinary perceptions and limitations. Each time a choir gets together to sing, it is about coming together to create something new. It should lift us to an exciting dimension of life that is transformative. Technical skill is necessary to accomplish that goal, but it is the communal experience that is at the heart of the matter. It is becoming one with each other that elevates the ordered sounds to spiritual expression.

There should be no gesture without meaning, and no sound without purpose. In striving for one voice, we hope for one world.


Mission & Values

Singers Companye gives voice to the human experience. We embrace the tradition of singing and confirm artistic expression as the essence of community.

We achieve this mission through dedication to four key values:

  • Artistic Excellence - Our organization supports superb artistry as the most profound expression of the human experience and as a way of preserving the future of choral art. We aspire to promote artistic excellence and education in all that we do.
  • Accessibility and Diversity - Our organization models and creates authentic opportunities for voices of all generations, socio-economic backgrounds, races and ethnicities. We serve as advocates for all by building bridges and opening doors to musical experiences.
  • Leadership - Our leaders continuously and vigorously engage in learning, performance, and teaching at the highest professional level, exemplifying the mission and artistry that Singers Companye professes.
  • Community Enrichment and Education - We enrich our community’s economic and educational vitality by investing in future musicians of all ages. By strengthening our ties to the schools, we help to ensure that musical arts education is at the core of the educational mission. We engage in emerging arts initiatives that are uncommon in our community.