Community Impact

Singers Companye is dedicated to serving as a leader within our community in the realm of the performing and choral arts. We are proud to serve as the voice of the community!

  • Northeast Ohio Choral Consortium - As a co-founder of the NEO Choral Consortium, Singers Companye is committed to providing a platform for collaboration among choral and musical groups in the area. The Consortium provides an avenue for working together on large-scale projects, cross-promotion of events, and professional development opportunities. For more information about NEOCC, click here.
  • Collective Arts Initiative - Singers Companye works with many local nonprofits throughout the year, providing opportunities to embed choral music within other venues. Our partners have included the Akron Public Library, Akron Rubber Ducks, Akron Art Museum, Akron Baroque, and others.

To see photos of Singers Companye in the community, click here.

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