Founded by Samuel Gordon in 2000, Singers Companye offers musicians opportunity to experience the choral spectrum, singing a wide range of musical periods and styles while emphasizing the organization’s key values of artistic excellence, accessibility and diversity, leadership, community enrichment and education.

International Success
In what can only be described as choral spun gold, Singers Companye has dazzled audiences in both national and international venues, including four concert tours of Italy and Spain and invitations to appear as part of future concert series in Poland, Canada, Hungary, Greece, Montana, Italy and France.

Critically Acclaimed
"They comprise a highly disciplined, cohesive ensemble that is responsive to words and expressive subtleties.  Gordon and his singers breathe as one.  Gordon has established warm blend, true pitch and smoothness of vocal motion.” (Donald Rosenberg, The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

"....unified, controlled and well-balanced, exhibiting a stunning range of vocal colors.  Gordon wrapped the ensemble in a tender embrace, caressing the music with an engaging yet understated warmth. ...exceptional control..a vocal ensemble than seems more concerned with mastery and quality of sound than achieving great volume". (Cleveland Classical, 2016)

“The singers delivered Dobrogsz's Kyrie with a great deal of spunk in spite of the mouthful of text that could have gotten in the way of keeping the multi-metric movement jazzy. The change of mood the performers accomplished in the Agnus Dei was particularly impressive, both choir and strings becoming lush and hushed all at once, creating a smoky, ballad-like character." 

“The singers made the place feel like an intimate cathedral, with singing of unfailingly beautiful tone and complete charm.” (The Washington Post)

"Attending the Singers Companye concert on Sunday afternoon...turned out to be a healing balm at the end of a bruising week.  Contained within the program of choral works was a logical arc connecting its poetry to our current experience.  The program was based on Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem, Alway Something Sings. Director, Samuel Gordon explained his thoughts in creating the matter what we've been through, whether things are upsetting us or making us happy, always something sings."

“Gordon’s conducting moved up and down in fluid, often unbroken motion…his work with the singers is quite fine.” (The Baltimore Sun, on celebration concert of newly discovered Guillaume DuFay chant from Cambrai, France)

Integrated Arts
Singers Companye’s fresh approach and versatility garnered critical acclaim through two performances at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., where their performances enhanced the museum's guest experience during gallery exhibits on Native American and French art. In the fall of 2016, the group will bring the Art & Music initiative home to Akron by performing at the Akron Art Museum.

Singers Companye is no stranger to northeast Ohio’s rich choral tapestry. They have performed in many concert series and invitational programs, including:

  • The Saint John’s Cathedral series
  • The historic Mount Zion Church in Cleveland
  • The Kulas Series at the University of Akron
  • The Westlake Performing Arts Center
  • Stan Hywet Hall
  • Artist Series throughout the region
  • The Aron-Berkner Duo
  • The Festival Chamber Players
  • Paragon Brass
  • Akron Baroque
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Educationally Driven
In addition to robust educational programming, Singers Companye aspires to a culture of continuous learning, working with students in the public school system, providing enrichment opportunities, and sponsoring professional development for area arts educators and future teachers.

The Choral Scholars program provides advanced conducting students opportunities to learn repertoire and sharpen rehearsal techniques through observations and participation as singers. The Choral Associates program offers live conducting opportunities for working conductors to interact with experienced choristers in various styles of music. Through these programs, developing young conductors hone the unique art of choral conducting that brings to life the vital interactions both musical and artistic.